Selling Tips

Team Approach

We appreciate that no one knows your home like you do, and likewise, no one has the desire to get the price that you want as much as you do. That is why we believe in a team approach to selling your property, providing counsel on the best sale approach and presentation of your home in order to achieve the best possible results.

A Marketing Plan Just for Your Property

Larger Real Estate Agents are more likely to advertise your property as part of a group press campaign, claiming cost effective marketing. In actual fact, this can have an adverse effect as your property can often be lost in the mix. Just as companies may choose to market their products differently, CJ Hills Real Estate chooses to market each of our listed properties differently. For those who are aware of the famous marketing principles of the 4P’s – Price, Product, Place, and Promotion, we provide the same methodology to develop a marketing plan for your property, together with a ‘shopping list’ style rate card, which includes placement on the top real estate websites and in Sydney-wide newspapers. We work with skilled property photographers, floor planners and copywriters and know how to cut through the clutter to showcase your property’s best features and most importantly, attract the right buyers.

Quality Not Quantity

When choosing an Estate Agent, many companies use their database numbers as a selling tool to entice perspective vendors to engage them as their chosen representative. At CJ Hills Real Estate, we limit our buyer prospects to only serious ‘live’ interests. We don’t like to spam mass quantities of people with unwanted e-clutter or keep outdated contacts of our sister’s, friend’s, uncle’s, neighbour on the list just to keep our numbers up. Our subscribers like our targeted approach, and if you are a potential buyer as well as seller, we are sure you will favour this practice too!

Integrity and Results

We truly stand by our values and pride ourselves on our integrity and the service we provide, while striving to provide you with realistic and obtainable price benchmarking. We do our homework on market intelligence and external influences in order to best predict the unforeseeable, mitigate any surprises and eliminate hidden costs so that at all times you remain 100% in control. We provide you with personal service and we offer uncomplicated advice. We take time to build relationships with potential buyers in order to best understand their wish-lists and price bandwidths, ultimately ensuring the best negotiation results.

Preparing Your Home to Sell

For many, the search for a property is either ‘love at first sight’ or a complete ‘U-turn’, within a matter of seconds, to walk back out the door! CJ Hills Real Estate provides our vendors, as a value add-on, a one-on-one meeting with our stylist to discuss any fundamental, yet simple, improvements you can make to dramatically improve the perceived value of your property.

Preparing the Paperwork

Your solicitor will need to prepare a Contract for Sale. It is also a good idea to keep your mortgage provider up to date on your selling plans to ensure you are aware of your current loan terms.

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